Frequently Asked Questions

What is the sensor for?

The sensor is a sensor that allows to indicate the exact position of the rotor to the controller and to allow a perfect synchronization with a motor. Through the sensor, the operation of a brushless motor is much softer and more precise.

Long or short K8 Elite motors, what difference to use?

A long motors with slightly more torque than a short motors. However, choise about motor size depends on chassis features.

Is it possible to change the bearings and rotor for maintenance?

It’s possible to replace bearings of our engines. This maintenance is necessary after several time to use.

Is my motor life reduced with « air flow » K8 Elite design ? Does it require special maintenance?

The motor openings holes in no way reduce its service life. These motors don’t require any more maintenance than an others motors with a closed cage. The dust go outside to the motor like a fan.

Can use without a sensor damage the motor or shorten its service life?

Use without a sensor doesn’t damage the motor. Feeling is less precise, less flexible : simply less pleasant!

What is the difference when you adjust the mechanical timing on the motor?

The mechanical timing of a motor makes it possible to adjust the angle between the stator and the rotor. It could be compared to the concept of advance to ignition on a nitro engine. The timing adjustment is complex and not random, it allows the motor to operate in its optimal operating range (torque, power consumption and temperature). Outside the «sweet spot» performance can deteriorate.

Timing adjustement:

An ammeter is connected between the motor and the controller. By varying the timing, the current intensity increases. When the ideal timing is exceeded, the current intensity decreases. So you have to go back to the setting where you get the most intensity. This adjustment is then refined by measuring the operating motor temperature. You have to be careful not to pass the 90° C. If the temperature is too high, then you decrease the timing.


Réglage du timing :
On branche un ampèremètre entre le moteur et le contrôleur. En faisant varier le timing, l’intensité du courant augmente. Lorsque l’on dépasse le timing idéal, l’intensité du courant décroit. Il faut donc revenir au réglage qui permet d’obtenir l’intensité la plus importante. On affine ensuite ce réglage en mesurant la température du moteur en fonctionnement. Il faut veiller à ne passer les 90° C. Si la température est trop élevée, on diminue alors le timing.

About compatibility between Konect K8 Elite motors and Xerun Hobbywing controllers?

They are capables.However, for the XERUN XR8 PRO G2 – 200A version, it is necessary to use the Konect K8 motors in « Hybrid mode ».
The « Full Sensored » mode can be used with XERUN XR8 PLUS 150A and XERUN XR8 SCT 140A without problem.