Reno Savoya

Professional driver since 2009

Renaud Savoya is an amateur of model making and professional driver of radio controlled car. Born in 1987 in Annecy, France, he is 3 times European champion in the 1/8th discipline “All terrain”.

What I like about Konect:
At my level, every aspect of my preparation is important. When I am racing the worlds best, I need to be sure that my equipment will be on par with my dedication. That is why I chose Konect, like their slogan « quality is the key ». Working with a French brand of passionate people is also a great opportunity for me, as we get a great « Konection ». Their product range is the best proof of their dedication in the search of quality, design, and reliability for a wide range of users, from the Pro like me to the basher who just want to have fun in their backyard.

Summary of


ERanked #25 in the World Top 25RC, the world ranking in 1/8 buggy 2023


E3 times European Champion
E11 times French National Champion
E14 times EFRA European Championship main finalist
E3rd at IFMAR Worlds 2008
E4 times IFMAR Worlds finalist